A Ray Of SunShine

The reason I named my website “A Ray Of Sunshine”. I can’t say that my life hasn’t taken detours or even roadblocks but I am determined to find my way. I find it truly amazing that sometimes these roadblocks take us right back to the beginning. Where all our dreams first started, Childhood. As a child, I played teacher, I enjoyed baking and I loved reading and writing. Though time has passed, those things have not changed. They remain at the core of who I am.
Maybe I just lost sight of my inner being and started down a path of pleasing others. Maybe I just got caught up with motherhood that I didn’t realize the importance of my gifts. I love reading and writing. It brings me bliss, more importantly Peace. The same goes, for when I am baking, I lose myself in what I am doing and a natural glow radiates from within me. When I am in the classroom and I am reading or playing with a child I have a natural joy. That is because all these things come natural for me, I am not pretending, I truly love what I do.
Fear is an obstacle, we cannot afford. It makes us stagnate, keeps us blind to our true selves. Fear does not allow us to become who we were meant to be.
That’s not to say I’m not afraid. I am afraid every day. Afraid no one will like my stories, my cake will be a disaster, the students won’t welcome me in. I still get up and try, every day, with a new positive outlook. That with every day comes a new beginning, I am determined to stay positive in a world, a society that focuses way too much on negativity. I am determined to be a Ray of Sunshine where ever I go!

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