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Can I Always Come Back Home?

Can I Always Come Back Home?

There’s no place like home!  In this short, sweet story a little boy seeks to find reassurance and an answer to this question from his mom.

He questions her, “What if I join the circus and become a clown and I juggle day and night, but then my arms get sooo tired and I want to come back home?”

“Can he come back home?  Can we come back home?  The unconditional love that a parent and child share can never be broken no matter who we become or how far we travel. This story reassures small children of that.   A wonderful and simple rhyme book that small children are sure to treasure at home or in school.” ~ Martha Mosquera, Special Education Teacher

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ABC Questions

ABC Questions by Christine Cruz

ABC Questions by Christine Cruz

“ABC Questions” was written, when I was looking for a fun way, to teach my youngest his ABC’s.  I needed something that would keep his interests.  That’s when I wrote this silly and fun story that turned into “ABC Questions”.  I hope you all enjoy it, as much as my youngest does.


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My Grandmother, Mi Abuela

My Grandmother, Mi Abuela by author Christine Cruz

“My Grandmother, Mi Abuela” tells the story of Christine’s relationship with her Grandmother (Mama).  “My Grandmother, Mi Abuela” celebrates the relationship a Granddaughter has with her Grandmother.  As they both grow, the unconditional love they share for one another shines through the pages. This heartwarming story, is sure to make you want to hold your own Grandmother closer.

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7 thoughts on “Purchase Books

  1. I brought “Can I Always Come Back Home? ” for my Grandchild . I love the message of the book.The places Tyler takes you to,shows how far a child’s imagination can go. Especially, when they know,they can always go back home.

  2. I brought ABC Questions for my little brother.He loves the book and I enjoy reading it to him. Such,a wonderful new way to introduce the Alphabet.

  3. Your book is beautifully illustrated, colorful and vibrant. My son loves to read the book to me every night. Out of all the books that he owns, “Can I always come back home?” is by far his favorite book. We cannot wait until the release of your next book!!

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