Can I Always Come Back Home?


Can I Always Come Back Home?

Can I Always Come Back Home?

There’s no place like home!  In this short, sweet story a little boy seeks to find reassurance and an answer to this question from his mom.

He questions her, “What if I join the circus and become a clown and I juggle day and night, but then my arms get sooo tired and I want to come back home?”

“Can he come back home?  Can we come back home?  The unconditional love that a parent and child share can never be broken no matter who we become or how far we travel. This story reassures small children of that.   A wonderful and simple rhyme book that small children are sure to treasure at home or in school.” ~ Martha Mosquera, Special Education Teacher

As each of my three children grew up they seemed to ask the same question.  While each child asked in a different way the basis was still the same. “If they left would they be able to come back home?”  When I said yes to my youngest son, he asked why?  I thought how wonderful it would be to write my answer in a story.  That’s when I wrote “Can I always come back home?”

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6 thoughts on “Can I Always Come Back Home?

  1. Wonderful story of a mom answering her son’s questions of “What if I go…, can I still come back home?” No matter where he says he might go, his mom shows him love by saying “yes, you can always come back home.”

  2. Wonderfully illustrated story with a heartfelt message.

    This book is a favorite with my youngest daughter. Can I Always Come Back Home reassures the young ones that mom will always be there.

  3. A fantastic little book that reassures children that no matter what happens, there parents will always be there and available for them.
    My young son really enjoyed the creative adventures the little boy went on but always got to go home to Mom.
    The illustrations in this book are some of the best I’ve seen – bright, colorful, vivid and beautiful!

  4. I absolutely love this book. I bought it for my son, and he was so intrigued by it that he took it to school to show it off. It’s message is great and the way the author delivered it was adorable.

  5. I brought Can I Always Come Back Home? For my youngest.I love the message of this book. No matter how far he goes, he knows he can back home. This book is good for young children who are experiencing separation anxiety. Such as going to school for the first. My youngest loved it.

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