ABC Questions

“ABC Questions” was written, when I was looking for a fun way, to teach my youngest his ABC’s.  I needed something that would keep his interests.  That’s when I wrote this silly and fun story that turned into “ABC Questions”.  I hope you all enjoy it, as much as my youngest does.

ABC Questions by Christine Cruz

ABC Questions by Christine Cruz

Beverly is an inquisitive 4 year old girl who brings fun and joy to the learning of every child’s Alphabet. This story is sure to put a smile on every child’s face, while also bringing joy to the adult who gets to read ” ABC Questions” to them.

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3 thoughts on “ABC Questions

  1. What a fun story! I love how it get kids engaged in learning a new concept, while having fun (and laughing!) at the same time. The humorous illustrations will draw them in, and it will help them obtain a visual memory of the alphabet as well. I highly recommend this to all young readers!

  2. Very cute little alphabet book for young kids.
    Easy to read and fantastic illustrations which really capture some of the wacky questions!
    Humor, great illustrations, cute questions and the Alphabet – recommended for all young children.

  3. I loved this one, I babysit my friends daughter and this is helping her with her English/Reading and her ABC’s, I have shared it with other mother’s and I hope they enjoy this aswell. I can’t wait for more books like this.

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