A Better Me!

Happy New Year everyone.

With the start of every new year I try to find new ways I can better myself. I noticed over the holiday break that the tradition of families getting together  is still the same.

Except, now we’re together all on our own electronics. No one is engaged with what is going on around them. We no longer look up at each other as we speak. There’s no eye contact. We have teenagers who text each other, who are sitting in the same room. Some adults are just as bad.  As a result, we are creating a society where people no longer care about others. No longer know, how to communicate with each other.  As parents, educators we need to change this.

I know sometimes, I can be just as busy as my children. For this new year I am working on becoming  a more “in the moment parent”. Which I know can be difficult. As a Mother of three sons, Children’s book Author and a Teacher’s Assistant I have become great at multi-tasking.

My goal is when I am home to give my children the undivided attention they deserve. To not let the emails, post updates and book rewrites interfer with teaching my children the importance of socialization. The skills they will need to create friendships and relationships that will flourish.

The way we socialize with our children will create better human beings. The best part, Parent and Child will thrive!

As Always, Be A Ray of Sunshine


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