Life is One Big Juggling Act

I am a mother of three awesome sons.  I work full time as a Teacher’s Assistant and I write children’s books. When I’m not cooking, cleaning, washing clothes and doing homework with the kids I actually find time to write.  Oh wait, I forgot to mention, I love to bake.  smiley

There are times when I feel physically exhausted and want to stay in bed.  My children’s smiles keep me going. The light that shines from their eyes, when we do something together, makes it all worth while.

Part of being a Mother is learning to balance them all out. That’s not to say that sometimes I don’t feel that I’m lacking in one aspect of my life in order to fulfill the needs of another aspect.  Everyday, I do my best and that’s all anyone can really do.

I believe sharing my dream of becoming a Children’s book Author with my children brought us closer together. I firmly believe that as a Woman, a Mother, I owe it to myself and my children to pursue my dreams.  What better way to show them that dreams are attainable.  I believe that when someone follows their path they become a ray of light for all others who wish to follow their hearts.

We should all be “Rays of Sunshine” and learn to smile a lot more!

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Author/Illustrator collaboration

Good evening everyone,

I’m here sitting at my computer, when I get a new message from my illustrator. It’s a new picture of Tyler, the character from my first children’s book “Can I always come back home” . I want to clap, jump for joy or shout with excitement . She amazes me, every time I see a new illustration , I feel as if she’s read my mind.

The collaboration between author and illustrator is very important to the success of any book. Without my words, she would have no inspiration and without her illustrations my story could not come to life .

As Always, Be a Ray of Sunshine


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Inspiration behind “Can I Always Come Back Home?”

As each of my three children grew up they seemed to ask the same question.  While each child asked in a different way the basis was still the same. “If they left would they be able to come back home?”  When I said yes to my youngest  son, he asked why?  I thought how wonderful it would be to write my answer in a story. That’s when I wrote “Can I always come back home?”

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Finding Zen in Writing

Good Morning,

Yesterday, I sat in Barnes and Noble doing research on a book I am writing.  I found it to be so relaxing. Everything else that I have going on in my life seemed to dwindle from my mind.  I was at peace.  It dawned on me, it truly is important to have a zen place . A place where your spirit can relax and replenish. I am fortunate to have mine be surrounded by books.  I can walk into any library or book store and feel at peace . Here’s hoping you find yours! and if you have you can share here.

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