Honoring Our Grandparents

Growing up going to visit my grandparents on the weekends was routine. Something about my grandparents’ house was always welcoming. The smells coming from the kitchen, the warm hugs, the stories they told about my parents.

My grandparents’ house was a gathering spot for the family. I bonded with cousins on Sundays. I met family, who would come for visits from Puerto Rico.

On my mother’s side, I lost my Papa early in my life. My Mama however, has been a force in my life. She’s a little lady but don’t confuse her size with her abilities. I use to wonder how she could see me and my cousin from a block away. She could hear our secrets from the next room. She has the ability to bring family together in one room who otherwise would run for the hills.

On my father’s side, my Abuela passed away when I was about 18. I remember her speaking and everyone else just listening.  She could silence a room without raising her voice. Her word was law. I remember the warmth of her embrace. She had this aura around her, I just knew I wanted to be in it. I always knew I was loved by her.

My new bilingual books “My Grandmother’s a Superhero” and “My Grandmother, Mi Abuela” are in honor of both of them. Strong, independent women, both of whom have made me feel safe, loved and ready to conquer the world.

Our grandparents are the keepers of our past. The protectors of our present and the guidance to our futures. May we always treasure the importance of our grandparents in our lives and the importance of the elderly in our society.

Those who come before us pave the way for us.

As Always, Be A Ray of Sunshine,


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