A Ray of Sunshine

Tyler juggling at the circus.

Tyler juggling at the circus.

As each of my three children grew up they seemed to ask the same question.  While each child asked in a different way the basis was still the same. “If they left would they be able to come back home?”  When I said yes to my youngest son, he asked why?  I thought how wonderful it would be to write my answer in a story.  That’s when I wrote “Can I always come back home?”


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13 thoughts on “A Ray of Sunshine

  1. I read “can I always come back home” to my 3 yr old and he absolutely loves it. He loves it so much that I have to read it constantly as his bedtime story. The bright colors and illustrations along with the words make it easy for him to understand. It has become one of our favorites.

  2. Love the story, Can I always come back home?
    Its just so beautiful how a mother’s love is so unconditional. It melts my heart. Looking forward to many more stories from this author!

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